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Beauvais airport private chauffeur car hire - Limousine service

Private chauffeur car hire, limousine rental is the most exclusive way to travel from Beauvais airport to Paris city center.

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Compare and book your airport shuttle & transfer services between Beauvais airport and Paris city center or other destinations including Disneyland Resort, Versailles and other airports.

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Transfer between Beauvais airport and Paris

Transfer between Beauvais airport and Paris

You care about your privacy and want an exclusive transfer service ? A private airport chauffeur car hire (Also called limousine or VTC in France) is the transport option you need. The price is fixed in advance and traffic jams won't make your bill a nightmare.

Duration: Travel time depends on road traffic conditions. Usually 60 to 75 minutes are necessary to get to central Paris.
Price: The cost of transfer varies accordingly with level of service (type of vehicle). It is generally set between 190 and 240€.

Taxi or private car hire?

Private chauffeur car hire service

Due to the long distance (85kms) between Beauvais airport and Paris a private chauffeur car hire may be a cost effective alternative to the taxi. Yet these two door to door airport transfers options follow different regulations : Private car hire service has to be booked in advance and passengers must keep their reservation handy at the time of travel. Taxis prices depends on meter when chauffeur-driven cars companies apply a fixed price.

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Getting to or from Beauvais airport

Paris Beauvais airport (BVA) is located 85km in the north west of Paris. Bus & coach, shuttle, private chauffeur car hire, taxi, train, ... Travellers have plenty of choices to get to and from the airport.

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